Corporate Travel Services

When the success of your business depends on travel, you need a travel program that delivers savings, service and convenience.
Travel Like a Pro.

Online Booking Tool

Providing convenience, control, cost savings and flexibility. Giving access to travel data, ensuring accurate and current information in flexible and user-friendly formats. Customized management reporting available whenever you need it.

Policy Compliant

Your travel policy is only effective if your travellers are educated about the policy. Sportscorp travel reminds and encourages travellers within policy guidelines and ensures successful travel.

Traveller Security

Understanding that security is an important concern, Sportscorp Travel provides solutions to keep clients informed. In an emergency, a traveller locator report can be generated with just a few clicks of a mouse.

24/7 Convenience

Anywhere in the world, your call will never be transferred to a call center or outsourced to a third party service. We guarantee access to our own travel consultants with access to individual reservation records and personal profiles.

Powered by Amgine

Get your travel booked faster with Sportscorp and Amgine.
Our corporate team utilizes AI technology from Amgine Technologies to send you options faster for your basic corporate flight or hotel requests. When you send an email inquiry to your dedicated team email, our AI scrapes the message for important details and sends you options back. Once you confirm what works for you, the itinerary details are sent back to us for ticketing.
Sportscorpand Amginesolutions are reliably backed by the expertise of our human team. Seemless interactions and efficient service are the main goal while never compromising on service quality.

Recognized since 2008 by Air Canada as a member of their


Showcasing the top 5% of travel agencies in Canada, an achievement we are very proud of.

Travel Management Company vs. The Internet

A Travel Management Company (TMC) is uniquely qualified to provide services and recommend cost saving and avoidance options in all areas relating to corporate travel. We wrap our arms around your entire travel program.
All travel agencies in Ontario are licensed to provide travel services to the public. We are required to post a security bond, maintain a specified amount of operating capital and work within prescribed regulations governing our industry. WE WERE HERE YESTERDAY, TODAY AND WILL BE HERE TOMORROW.
A travel agency is required by law to ensure that the traveller has been informed of all rules, regulations, documentation etc. pertaining to the travel booking. Failure to do so can result in the agency being liable to return the traveller to the point of origin at the agency’s cost. WE DON’T STRAND YOUR TRAVELLERS.
Travellers are only covered when the booking has been made through a registered travel agency, which pays into the compensation fund (Ont. Que. and BC) quarterly based on sales volumes. WE HELP YOU HOLD ONTO YOUR MONEY.
Agencies invest heavily in employee development at all levels to ensure that skills and industry knowledge are up to date. Using the internet, you are restricted to your own travel knowledge.
Not only is it imperative that consultants are fully versed on the booking requirements, cancellation penalties etc. when making reservations but the rules and fares are constantly changing. The use of a travel agency ensures that up to the minute seat sales, rule changes, promotions are always available to your travellers.
Sportscorp Travel uses proprietary technology to continually return the reservation request to the airline in the event of a sold out aircraft so that if a seat does become available that wait list is cleared for our customer. INTERNET = WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET.
Sportscorp Travel uses online technology to search for the lowest published fare available at time of booking based on the travelers itinerary request. We search multiple channels including the internet to ensure your travellers are offered the lowest fare available. A TRAVELER WOULD SPEND HOURS DOING THIS MANUALLY.
We bridge many of the inefficiencies currently found in the internet booking process. By using our services, we make many of these frustrations transparent to your travellers including not having to call the airline to make changes, refunds, combining traditional and web-fares into single itineraries, adding car, hotel and limo services, managing wait lists, and a host of other challenges inherent in the booking process.
Travellers have often found that the time spent researching fare options on the internet negatively affects their productivity for savings that are never realized. This ends up costing your company valuable time and money. Our travel counselors are efficient, experienced professionals armed with the tools to provide services to you effectively and quickly.
The airline industry is a puzzle that takes considerable expertise to understand. Travel agencies advise our clients of possible alternate routings/fares/airlines to maximize on the considerable investment in International travel. THE INTERNET IS JUST A BOOKING CHANNEL.
An unbiased, personal service accessible from anywhere in the world. We do not use a call service! When you reach out for assistance, a Sportscorp Travel employee, familiar with your company policies and individual traveller preferences, will answer your call. We value and respect our customers and reflect those qualities in our attention to customer service.
In a crisis, Sportscorp Travel is capable of tracking travellers at all times through our technology systems and making alternate reservations to bring them home. There is a security risk for internet bookings because travellers cannot be located.
We will assist you and your travelers with any service issues relating to supplier services booked by Sportscorp Travel to the best of our ability. This is a huge benefit to the traveller as suppliers do not always respond in a timely manner so we will stay on top of the matter on their behalf until resolution is complete. NOT AVAILABLE WITH INTERNET BOOKINGS.
We capture data on all aspects of the travel reservation and reports are available for budgeting purposes, policy compliance and forward planning. NOT AVAILABLE WITH THE INTERNET.
Your Travel Management expert will advise on travel policy, industry trends and assist in data analysis to maximize on recommendations to reduce travel spend. NOT AVAILABLE WITH THE INTERNET.
The data provided by the TMC as well as the expertise of the Account Manager, plays a significant role in negotiating contracts that bring the maximum return to the customer. Many airlines, for instance, will rely only on data from a recognized TMC as backup to negotiating discounts or membership in loyalty programs. Sportscorp Travel will assist in the management of airline programs.

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